Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2008

IndyCar series and crossover star Danica Patrick drives this set with a unique chase set and memorabilia card.  This set will have memorabilia cards with fabulous suits and images representing both the 2007 and 2008 Swimsuit editions.  Press plates were a huge success, so they are back and numbered in this set, only 380 in total will be inserted!  Also, meet the 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit rookies in all their innocent glory!  You will also find rare Editor’s Choice cards as box toppers and one Editor’s choice card as a unique case topper.

This very limited edition set promises to sell out pre-release so please place your orders now!! Stellar will present rare Limited edition Jewel cards from Tori Praver’s sparkling bathing suit.

Sports Illustrated 2008 Swimsuit Trading Cards


Display Boxes

What’s Inside

6 cards per pack
24 packs per box
10 boxes per case

*All stated odds of insertion are approximate and may vary. Therefore these cards are not guaranteed to exist within each individual box or case. Stellar Collectibles reserves the right to not honor claims or requests resulting from insertion variances.


Super Chase Set

What’s Inside

7 MEMORABILIA CARDS (1:16 packs)
Material from actual bathing suits

14 AUTOGRAPH CARDS (1:16 packs)
Signed by 7 different Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Super Models

100 NUMBERED PRESS PLATES (1:75 packs)
Base and chase Press plates from the actual printing of the cards

20 JEWEL CARDS (1:6 cases)
Actual jewels from Tori Praver’s bathing suit

Autograph Set

What’s Inside

Jeisa Chiiminazzo
Quiana Grant
Jessica Gomes
Julie Henderson
Jarah Mariano
Daniella Sarahyba
Anne V

(14 different images of 7 Supermodels)


Chase Set

What’s Inside

10 2008 ROOKIES (1:4)


5 EDITOR’S CHOICE CARDS (Box and Case Toppers)

Box Topper - 1 of 4 Editor’s Choice Cards (1:6) placed inside the packs
Case Topper - 5th Editor’s Choice Cards (1:240) placed on top of the case


Base Set

What’s Inside

72 Base Cards
1 Checklist Cards
2 Preview Cards of the 2009 SI Swimsuit trading card set

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